Testing out Period-Perfect Porches, with Matt!

Matt had three criteria – a garage for his mopeds, a basement big enough to convert, and a porch for sitting and pondering life’s ins and outs.IMG_6699

We started looking at properties, me always trying to gauge his face for likes or dislikes, searching for that passionate look buyers get when they meet the right house. We looked at a few complete hovels (one that smelled like 30 years of nicotine, and another that had bamboo running rampant all over the property) – both received a grimaced expression aka “thumbs down”. We looked at two other houses, one was a little too re-worked and got more derision from Matt than interest.  The other sparked a bit of excitement and was good enough to make an offer on. So nifty was it,  that by the second day it had 33 offers on it.  Ours came in 2nd. We accepted back-up position, slightly dejected and severely in awe of the type of competition we were seeing.

And then, in that weird way that it does, the universe sent us a much more amazing house, on a tree lined street with a huge basement, a sturdy garage, and the best detail – a truly idyllic porch running the full length of the front, something that Rockwell would be more than happy to paint. A study in Americana to be sure.  Matt had a twinkle in his eye, and it was obvious this house was the winner. As we were about to leave he turned to me and said “Alyssa, if you win me this house, I’m buying you a lobster dinner.”

We struck hard and fast (I do like lobster, but that wasn’t really the impetus).  We wrote a strong clean offer and when necessary, sweetened the pot even further to make sure we were not losing this one, THE ONE. It was a true winner, in an up-and-coming neighborhood and it’s potential was obvious. (It even appraised for more than we paid, which was sure proof of our good choice and fortune).

During the inspection, we both sat in rocking chairs on the porch, impressed with our decision looking at the shrubbery and guessing about the neighbors. Matt left briefly and came back with a beer. He was going to sit and drink an ice-cold beer on hot day and really feel out this house. I thought it was brilliant and very entertaining – what better way to know a porch is your porch? My clients are the coolest.

It closed recently, I found Matt the largest beer glass on earth (it holds two bombers!) envisioning him sipping from it after a hard day at work.. and Matt held true to his offer of a Lobster dinner. (Did I already say my clients are the coolest?)

Thank you Matt, for choosing me to take this ride with you. I had so much fun learning your tastes. I hope you and Savannah the Dog have a wonderful life lazing around on that porch. *The perfect porch*.

Ps. As if it couldn’t get more perfect, a few of Matt’s friends unknowingly rented the house on the opposite block, they now will share a fence and a super fun summer.




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