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This is the ONE!

“I’m so excited to be out of the game!” She remarked as she twisted her new house key in the lock. And she had every reason to be. I started working with Jessie in the rainy season. We’d meet at condos on the weekend or in evenings, often in the rain and the cold, and several […]

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Vintage, Glam & Revolutionary CUBA Tour!

CUBA, CUBA, CUBA!!!  As a mid-century lifestyle enthusiast with a huge interest in the time capsule that is CUBA,  I’ve teamed up with Soltura Cuba Travel to design two 7-day tours of “Vintage” Cuba this April! From the Tropicana to the Fosca Building, this tour is tailor made for the art, architecture, and lifestyle historian. I’ll be your hostess […]

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Testing out Period-Perfect Porches, with Matt!

Matt had three criteria – a garage for his mopeds, a basement big enough to convert, and a porch for sitting and pondering life’s ins and outs. We started looking at properties, me always trying to gauge his face for likes or dislikes, searching for that passionate look buyers get when they meet the right […]

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Priorities change & voila the right house appears!

We were having a rough go of it, months of writing supremely strong offers on popular homes in coveted neighborhoods. It was getting down-right depressing, but we carried on vying for pole-position, looking into that misty (and wholly absent) crystal ball of mine and begging for the right combination of money and terms to magically […]

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With help from Ryan Ott