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Embracing the Milwaukie of the Future!

Let’s face it, Portland has just gotten too hip and too expensive for some of us. There’s no shame in it, some of us have goals that don’t include blowing our hard earned nest egg to afford an attractive house, in a convenient area, with fantastic amenities.  And that’s where Milwaukie comes along. I’ve been […]

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Punk Rock Rad!

One of the things I like about working with musicians is their flare for the eclectic.They’re looking for something different, a little off the norm and their minds are so open. Jonny is not only a touring musician, a busy promoter and DJ, he’s a PUNK GOD (well, he might not refer to himself as […]

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Southern Migration

This spring Corrinna was living in a beautiful early mid-century condo, in the heart of it all, in trendy North Portland. It was bright, cute, quaint and spacious, but it was missing a few things.  It was missing a garage for all of Corrinna’s toys – Motorcycles, Scooters, and Cars.  Her dog, Britta, really needed […]

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Proving Our Worth, and Winning!

You know when you’re sitting around at your local motorcycle club’s club house, sipping a beer, shooting the breeze and the talk turns to real estate..? this happens all the time. No actually it doesn’t, it almost never happens. But one time it did.. Grady asks me, ‘Why do I NEED a realtor?’ Perhaps a […]

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