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Vintage, Glam & Revolutionary CUBA Tour!

CUBA, CUBA, CUBA!!!  As a mid-century lifestyle enthusiast with a huge interest in the time capsule that is CUBA,  I’ve teamed up with Soltura Cuba Travel to design two 7-day tours of “Vintage” Cuba this April! From the Tropicana to the Fosca Building, this tour is tailor made for the art, architecture, and lifestyle historian. I’ll be your hostess […]

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Your Resource for All Things Mid-Century

So you’ve bought your mid-century home. Perhaps it’s a pristine time-capsule and you just want to add to it’s glory. But more likely, it’s a mish-mosh of vintage and remodeled rooms and you feel a keen desire to restore it to what it once was, or could have been. Maybe you just want to drool […]

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Recycling at its Finest!

You probably have perused the wares of such house-parts recycle shops such as Rejuvenation, Rebuilding Center, Re-Store, or Hippo Hardware, but have you ever had the opportunity to create a whole room from recycled hardware from scratch?  It may seem a daunting task, but my friends Jim & Nanette prove that it’s creates not only impressive results, […]

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