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Vintage, Glam & Revolutionary CUBA Tour!

CUBA, CUBA, CUBA!!!  As a mid-century lifestyle enthusiast with a huge interest in the time capsule that is CUBA,  I’ve teamed up with Soltura Cuba Travel to design two 7-day tours of “Vintage” Cuba this April! From the Tropicana to the Fosca Building, this tour is tailor made for the art, architecture, and lifestyle historian. I’ll be your hostess […]

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Alyssa Starelli - Realtor

Sayonara Old Website

She was a good trusty site. I had to hand code her, but she never failed me. In fact, she was one of the first personal Realtor websites out there, when there was no Facebook, no MySpace, No Tribe, and certainly No Linked In. But unlike our beloved vintage homes, her vintage feel wasn’t charming. […]

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With help from Ryan Ott