Kitschy Portland

We all know that it can take a while to search out all the hidden treasures of your new town, but that’s what makes a town so special.  Let this page be your starter guide!  Please feel free to update me with any treasures you’d like to share. Just remember, once you let them out… they’re everyone’s! wink wink..

Where to drink & eat on your visit:

(some venues in memoriam, RIP)

  • Dot’s Cafe (under-belly diner/bar slathered in kitsch art flocked wallpaper)  – 2521 SE Clinton St
  • The Spare Room (mini-vegas) – 4830 NE 42nd Ave @ Wygant
  • The Alibi (kitsch vintage tiki bar) – 4024 N Interstate Ave @ Shaver
  • Lutz Tavern (dark and deco) – 4639 SE Woodstock Blvd
  • Hale Pele (upscale modern tiki bar) – 2733 NE Broadway. (Previously known as Thatch)
  • Trader Vic’s (corporate tiki bar) – 1203 NW Glisan St
  • Pour (Saarinen mcm styled wine bar) – 2755 NE Broadway St
  • The Pink Feather (70’s pink western bordello with red fireplace) – 14154 SE Division St
  • The Space Room (hyper-space kitsch) – 4800 SE Hawthorne Blvd
  • The Rumpus Room (neon and western) – 10555 SE Division St
  • Grandma’s (gnomes live here) – 4515 SE 41st St @ Holgate (RIP)
  • Maverick (wild western) – 12424 SE Division St (RIP)
  • Yukon (victorian brothel goes dive) – 5819 SE Milwaukie Blvd
  • Country Bill’s (grampy’s bar) – 4415 SE Woodstock Blvd (RIP)
  • The Golden Nugget – (60’s black diamond tuck and brick, mmm hmm) – 11008 SE Main St, Milwaukie, OR
  • Libbie’s Diner & Bar (Old lady diner with old man bar next door) – 11056 SE Main St, Milwaukie, OR
  • Nancy’s Eat and Browse (No browsing or eating!) – 6920 SE 52nd Ave @ S. of Duke
  • The Driftwood Room in Mallory Hotel (brat packish) – 729 SW 15th * REMODELED (but still kitsch)
  • Clyde’s Prime Rib (60’s plush, mafioso style) – 5474 NE Sandy Blvd
  • Wilf’s Piano Bar (Piano Bar at the Train Station) – 800 NW 6th Ave
  • The Pagoda (Chinese Lounge) – 3839 NE Broadway St *CLOSED 1/09 (RIP)
  • Poor Richards (Benjamin Franklin would eat here) – 3907 NE Broadway St (RIP)
  • Bills Steakhouse (50’s Western Kitsch – flocked Wallpaper!) – 10227 NE Sandy Blvd * REMODELED 1/09
  • The Lariat (60’s Western/logger Kitsch – great neon cowboy signage) – 17238 SE Division St
  • Pete’s Lair (50’s Knotty Log Cabin goes Dive!) – 17720 SE Mcloughlin Blvd
  • The Beauty Bar – 111 SW Ash. (RIP)
  • The Original Dinerant – (Modern take on vintage diner, MCM) –  300 SW 6th Ave

Where to tour on your visit: 

These coordinated require a Thomas Guide, or enter the cross streets into your GPS. Purchase this map from the MCM League (I wrote it) for a very specific driving tour of the NE tracts.

East Side Tracts:

  • Wilshire Beaumont: Builder Ken Berkemeir extreme angled ranch homes. (NE 37th/Alberta Ct.) 597/B/1
  • Fernhill: Standards on Holman, MCMs on Rosa Parks Blvd. (40th/NE Holman/ Rosa Parks) 567/B/6
  • Century Terrace: Standard/Granny Ranch. (NE Jessup @ 58th) 567/C/7
  • Rocky Butte: Architectural MCMs. ( NE Sacramento & 92nd) 597/G/3
  • Twin Cedars: Brick fronted Standard Ranches. (NE Russell Ct./104th) 597/J/3
  • Parkrose Heights: MCMs. (NE Fargo/108th) 597/J/2 and 3
  • Lorene Park: Brick fronted standard ranches with a Warren Weber Arch built MCM. (107th/NE Oregon) 597/J/5
  • Argay Terrace: Brady Bunch Style Split Levels. (135th/NE Fremont) 598/C/3
  • Clifgate: Cliff May-esque homes. (Approx 134th & NE San Rafael) 598/C/4
  • Glendoveer: Brick fronted standard ranches on a Golf Course. (NE 148th/NE Halsey) 598/D/4&5
  • Regency Park: 1965-70’s ranches and splits, bordering Glendoveer Golf Course. (NE 136th/Halsey – South) 598/C/4 *NEW*
  • Midtown Estates: Four Hallberg Homes at (151st and NE Hoyt), and a possible 5th at (12600 NE Davis) 598/D/5
  • Glenfair: MCMs. (NE 150th/Glisan – Burnside). 598/D/5
  • Tweten Park: 4 or 5 MCMs (NE Holladay and 152nd/153rd). 598/D/5
  • Shalimar: MCMs. (16847 NE Glisan) 598/G/5
  • Gateview Heights: Great angular homes mixed in with brick ranches. (NE Stanton & 127th) 598/B/3
  • Tally Ho: Small MCMs. (NE Halsey/129th) 598/B/4
  • Valle’ Vista: 4 Rummers, Many Custom Homes. (Towle Rd/ SW 10th Drive, GRESHAM) 629/A/4
  • Suellen Park.Beau Acres: Standard and Storybook ranches. (146th/ SE Salmon) 598/D/7
  • Park Lane: Standard and Daylight. (153rd & SE Main) 598/D/7
  • Reedwood: Splits, Mods,Trads, near Reed College. (SE 35th/36th and Steele) 627/A/4 *New*
  • Eastmoreland Heights/Dover: Standards, Trads, Flatroofed Mods (SE 42/Knapp-Lexington). 627/B/6 *NEW*
  • Cherry Blossom Park: Storybooks, Standards. (SE Market – Division, 101st-104th). 627/H/1 *New*

West Side Tracts:

  • Vista Hills: 60’s Customs and MCM’s. 625/E/1
  • Vista Brook/Bohmann Park: Rummer Built Homes. 625/F/6
  • Bridlemile: Mixed Ranches/MCM. 626/B/2
  • Eichler Park: Rummer Built Homes. 625/A/4
  • Highland Hills: Rummers Built Homes625/B/6
  • Hillsdale/Woodrow Wilson Park: Daylight, Standard, Storybook Ranches and Splitlevels. (SW Chestnut/Texas). 626/D/5
  • Ash Creek/Tualatin Acres: Rummer (Eichler Style) Homes, (SW 59th/Taylors Ferry) 625/J/7

* all coordinates are deemed correct, but please email Alyssa Starelli  if you have updates or wish to add to our list.*


Vintage Portland Resources:

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