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One of the things I like about working with musicians is their flare for the eclectic.IMG_8491They’re looking for something different, a little off the norm and their minds are so open. Jonny is not only a touring musician, a busy promoter and DJ, he’s a PUNK GOD (well, he might not refer to himself as such, but I will).  The morning after a gig, when he came to see a house with microphone screen imprinted on his forehead , I knew this guy was the REAL Deal.

We toured some really off-beat homes, spoke of decorating them as train cars or bordellos or western bars, or circus tents… you name it, it was on the table and it was really fun for both of us.  Of course there’s a serious side to being a musician, we needed to know if there was enough room to build a tunnel from hot tub A to hot tub B, and which room might fit the circular bed ala 1970. No really, there is a serious side… A punk rocker needs elbow room to play loud (some might say ‘screeching’) music and not annoy neighbors. He needs basement space that can be accessed easily for heavy equipment such as amps and wasted bass players. He needs plenty of yard for his friends to run riot over. He needs room for a stage. He needs a few guest rooms. Because that’s the punk rock way.

So, nestled at the edge of the Columbia slough in a weird semi-industrial, semi-rural part of town, so close in yet so country-like, near an arboretum and a school bus parking facility, sits a big-ass ranch house.  It’s almost majestic and very surprising when you come upon it. It has an acre of english garden and rolling lawns, and only two ‘old-guy’ neighbors (the kind you can invite to a punk party). It has a FANTASTIC atomic era kitchen and more rooms than one punker knows what to do with.

And it’s perfect.

So congrats Jonny!!  I’m still not sure about the hot tub tunnel idea, hahah, but I am excited for your future parties. Thanks for choosing me to be your Realtor, I had a blast!!

Or should I say..  Anarchy in the USA!! (gosh, I think I just proved I’m a square!)


Alyssa Starelli, Broker to the RAD.





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