Recycling at its Finest!

You probably have perused the wares of such house-parts recycle shops such as Rejuvenation, Rebuilding Center, Re-Store, or Hippo Hardware, but have you ever had the opportunity to create a whole room from recycled vintage-aqua-bathroomhardware from scratch?  It may seem a daunting task, but my friends Jim & Nanette prove that it’s creates not only impressive results, but the savings are immense!

As detailed on the fabulous vintage-enthusiast website Retrorenovation this weekend, Nanette explains the ideology behind buildinJimnanettePhotog a new “vintage” bathroom and connecting period-inspired laundry room, from scratch in the basement of their 1940’s transitional ranch. They sourced vintage and period appropriate new parts and materials, designed the rooms, found contractors and carpenters, and a few months later: VINTAGE STYLE PERFECTION. They wouldn’t say that is was easy, but we’ll all agree that it was quite worth it!  So much so, that they’ve already nearly completed a vintage remodel of another bathroom, and are perfecting a unfinished portion of the fabulous knotty-pine basement rumpus room and bar, including re-purposing paneling salvaged from a neighboring home.  This home, which was already nearly period-perfect, will soon be period-fabulous, proving that even if your home has been re-muddled or never came with the vintage features you were dreaming of, you can ‘make it so’.. Right Jim?

Please read the full article at, complete with floor plans, photos, and specifics from Nanette.   She also answers some sourcing questions in the Comments section. Enjoy!

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