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So you’ve bought your mid-century home. Perhaps it’s a pristine time-capsule and you just want to add to it’s glory. But more likely, it’s a mish-mosh of vintage and remodeled rooms and you feel a keen desire to restore it to what it once was, or could have been. Maybe you just want to drool over vintage homes and finishes you’ll someday have (after you call me).

Regardless of your purpose, for mid-century restoration, is your source. For years now, Pam and her assistant Kate have been hunting down and squirreling away the sources you need to finish your projects. Need a fancy personalized name plate made on the same machinery since 1949? Need vintage starburst tiles? Perhaps a front door with funky windows is what you seek. Maybe it’s a reproduction (but perfectly beguiling) 60’s mail box?  What about some striated plywood tiles for the rumpus room ceiling?  Retrorenovation has found it, and more. So much more.

What’s more, is that Pam has taken the time to be an educational resource.  We realize there are so many products and applications, it’s hard to know which is right for what era. How to install or use the items. Sometimes even, we can’t figure out their amazing purpose.  Retrorenovation has help for that too.

If you just want to drool over your comrade’s projects, there’s an area for that too. It’s amazing how hard people work at restoring their homes and Pam gives serious kudos to this sort of initiative!

Perhaps you’re worried about taking on such an undertaking as a full retro-renovation and you need a little reality check. Pam knows, she’s done it, and she details the realities for her readers with such information as – Bathroom Remodel – 84 Costs to Consider!

Lastly, if you have a sincere passion for an untouched mid-century time capsule, Retrorenovation features them almost weekly, including some of my client’s homes!  There’s no better way to hurt yourself (in a good way) by looking at a pristine one-owner home for what you consider seriously cheap in a city you’ll likely never move to! “Why isn’t that here in Portland” you’ll scream at your monitor. Trust me..

I want to give a sincere Kudos to Pam and Kate on their “Compendium of Awesome”. They are, without doubt, the single most important resource to a mid-century home enthusiast.

Alyssa Starelli, Broker
Specializing in Mid-Century and Period Perfect homes

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