The Kitsch Factor

It takes a creative person, with a great eye for design and color to embrace a wild rumpus room like the one bestowed lovingly by the original owners of this home.  Slathered in orange shag carpet and ROYGBIV rainbow gameroom carpet, comimg_3374pleat with wet bar, pool table and piano it is the perfect den of family fun!  My client Sean, might have been one out of twenty who could appreciate this brilliant room, or the attached garden of kitschy statuary, even the 50’s curvaceous kitchen with original cabinetry,  or the wood paneled bedroom, not to mention the really kitsch plaid linoleum in the master bath.  It’s just all too PERIOD-PERFECT, and by becoming his, it will survive into perpetuity.  That’s the clincher, this home will not be remodeled into some bland vanilla version of home depot decor!!

So congrats to Sean and his family, I expect that they will enjoy the uniqueness of this home for years to come. It will always a be a focal point worthy of conversation, a place for fun parties and cozy evenings with family and friends. What a stellar find! What a fun transaction!

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With help from Ryan Ott