Living the Lorene Dream!

Few neighborhoods are as picture-perfect as East Portland’s Lorene Park. When most people pass through the staunch, lamp-topped, brick pillars welcoming them to the community, they remark how very much like ‘Perfectville’ the neighborhood is.

This was indeed the case for my client Chevy.  Winding through the quiet streets of perfectly manicured lawns rolling out from idealized 1950’s brick ranch homes, the pleasantness caught her attention.  She at once called me and said something like “I know I wasn’t considering this far East  but MAN, this neighborhood is NEAT!”

I agreed, whole-heartedly, as I’d been interviewed about the neighborhood at 108th & NE Glisan several times, and had even had my photo taken in front of the Warren Weber home for a news article by the DJC.   I’d also written a blog for Oregonian Architecture Writer, Brian Libby, with Lorene Park in mind –  dubbing the neighborhood “Perfectville”  and explaining how  I “personally have an un-tempered affection for the ranch…I’m fond of their hip-roofed, Roman-bricked, two-car garaged, and pom-pom treed lots in “Perfectville”  ie. Lorene Park. ”

Needless to say, I was over the moon that Chevy decided to search there, let alone that there were three homes in her price range that day!

We wandered in to two of the homes, and were enamored by their ranchy-goodness: roman brick fireplaces, original hardwood floors, vintage VCT tiles, rumpus rooms and bars, “his and hers” sinked bathrooms with amazing storage and beautiful tile-work, really, what wasn’t to love?  As we stood in front of the home debating it’s merits and issues, we met neighbors, friendly neighbors whom had lived there more than 35-50 years!  They loved the community and saw no reason to leave even in their retirement.  What’s more, as a bonus to Chevy, the economy had made these houses a steal!


We chose a house that had all the amenities she was looking for, a beautiful treed yard with a fantastic vintage brick fireplace/BBQ (we’re pretty sure Grandpa built this!), a huge basement with sundry and various options for separate living quarters, a main floor with both formal and informal living rooms, a kitchen with an eat-in nook, a double car garage, even a two-sided fireplace.  The key word was “ELBOW-ROOM”, and boy did we find it!  It wasn’t until the house was empty that we realized how much we’d “won”. Chevy and I ran around like children in an amusement park, gleeful with the anticipation of the possibilities for her new toy.

Just Friday, I met with Chevy and her daughter Matissa, opened up the lock box and handed them the key to their new life.  It was a very good buy indeed.  Congrats ladies!!

If you, too, are looking to live in Lorene Park, I know of a great house just awaiting your purchase right now, and it’s got the nicest neighbors!

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